Member Spotlight: Ed Franklin with Allstate Moving Systems

Ed Franklin

Ed Franklin

VP of Sales at Allstate Moving Systems

What made you decide to choose your line of work?  

I think that Sales chose me. I have always had the "gift of Gab", I try and always follow up with people and do what I say I was going to do. People just want to feel that you are working for them.

How long have you been doing it? 

31 Years, man I'm getting  old!

When did you start your business?

I am actually an employee, but feel like I treat the business as my own.

What made you choose North County?

I grew up in Poway, it's my home town now!  

When and why did you join the Poway Chamber?  

I joined the Chamber to meet people that were in business locally and to have the opportunity to make Poway a better place. I volunteer on many different levels for different organizations, I have made some great friends and want to continue to make our community flourish.

How has your Poway Chamber membership helped you gain new business?

I have participated in several networking events in and around the Chamber. Branding yourself is the key to success, you have to become the face of your business and get involved with different activities. You end up getting business without even selling it because of your presence.

How has your Poway Chamber membership helped you improve the way you run your business?

I think that Allstate has become more community minded, there is a lot to be said for looking for business in your backyard. I have had great success with the Chamber and it's affiliates.

How has being a Chamber member met or exceeded your expectations?

Absolutely exceeded my expectations. I have learned a lot from other businesses and made connections that I would never have if not for the Chamber. I get a great sense of community being a member and believe that getting involved is the key without a doubt.

What would you tell someone who is considering joining the Poway Chamber?

Run do not walk to get a membership. But keep this in mind, this is a participation sport. You "have" to get involved, it will make a huge difference in how much business you gain in the future, even though the Chamber by definition is supposed to help your business, they can't do it alone. It takes maximum effort on your part too. It's not enough to just be a member, you need to participate. I would recommend that any and all organizations big or small should be a Chamber member so that we can continue to make Poway the place to be.

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